New Feature: Link Back to Q&A

Posted by Puppet Mills

When customers submit questions on a company’s help page and experts have answers, Directly sends the customers an email or SMS alert with a url linking them to a fully interactive, mobile-optimized web page. This interactive page allows the customer to see the experts’ answers and chat back and forth with them. The customers can also move from mobile to web and the pages are synced. And they can do this without downloading any apps. It is a lovely, contemporary mobile experience. (See Feature Spotlight: Directly’s Mobile Consumer Interface for more.)

For companies using Directly, our new help desk feature adds the question url and special access token to specified fields in help desk tickets.


* Outgoing URL should be constructed: ?et=


This new feature allows the support team more ways to direct customers back to the answer to their question. For example, a support team can include the URL and access token:

  • in the help portal, allowing the customer to navigate to the answer from the portal
  • in a CSAT or NPS survey, allowing the customer to view the answers in the survey
  • as a public comment on the case, reminding the customer they have an answer

In summary, this simple feature allows company to direct customers back to expert answers from the helpdesk or support portal.