New Features: Unified Messaging & Blocking Tasks

Posted by Jeff Patterson

Today we released two new features -- unified messaging & blocking tasks -- that, used together, give company admins the ability to educate experts. The goal is to open new categories of tickets to the experts, and to increase resolution and helpful rates.

Unified messaging

Company admins can send messages to any or all experts. These messages can include a personal note and/or an embedded help center article.


If desired, admins can require acknowledgement of a message, making it a blocking task.

Blocking tasks

Admins can ensure experts see important information by selected “blocking task”, which requires that an expert acknowledge the information before answering any more questions. Here's an example of what an expert sees:


If experts have questions or feedback about the message, they can add a comment that is sent back to the admin.

Some of the ways customers plan to use these two features include:

  • briefing all experts on a new feature
  • informing all experts about a site outage
  • posting a weekly newsletter for all experts with tips and shout-outs
  • coaching an individual expert about tone or information.