How Do You Know If a Company Is Right for You?

Posted by Soon Len Lee

During one of our company hackathons, our fantastic videographer, Ray, interviewed and filmed our team to produce a video to share who we are, what we do, and what brought us together to work here at Directly.

It turned out so well that we are proud to share the video here:

Making this video reminded me of the underlying theme of most questions I hear when connecting qualified candidates with companies: how do I know if a company is right for me?  

When you explore companies and career opportunities, the key considerations -- after the fundamentals of salary and benefits -- are always about the people, product and growth potential, and culture of an organization:  

  • Are these the kind of people with whom I want to learn and grow?

  • Are these potential teammates who are just as passionate in the mission, product, or services of the organization?

  • Does the company have similar values to mine? Does it value the diverse experience and backgrounds each person brings to the team?

The video also reminded me what it is that first drew me and continues to keep me super-excited about Directly:  

  • People. I've always loved being around people who are smart, fun, creative, collaborative, mission driven, but also humble experts in their field, who are eager to share and learn from each other.

  • Product. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to be on the ground floor of something that can fundamentally change the way we work.

  • Culture. Being part of a diverse and talented team that is open and collaborative, one that works well and plays well together lets us accomplish incredible things individually and as a whole.

I'm proud to be part of this amazing team, and this video highlights why we love what we do and the impact we get to have on the growth of our organization, not to mention the adventure in reimagining and transforming the future of work.