New Feature: Expert Hub

Posted by Puppet Mills

Your company is growing and we want your experts to grow with you. With the release of the new Expert Hub, you'll be able to share company news as well as create on-boarding guides including helpful tips & tricks for new experts. Combining the new articles with our new messaging features, you'll be able to deliver this information to individual experts or to all of your experts as needed.

Here's How It Works

Company Admins can create company-specific educational materials to post in the Expert Hub. These articles can include anything from best-practices to feature updates. Company Admins manage the Articles from the Admin Panel.


This article editor can be used to create and manage educational content for your experts. If you have instructional videos, embed them easily into the article simply by adding the video link. Whether you want to message all experts with an important update or just send a best practices reminder to a single expert, an option on the article will allow you to send the article as a message. Recipients will be able to view the message on their Expert Dashboard from their mobile device or desktop PCs.


On the article listing page, there is a dropdown menu that allows you to quickly feature articles or send them to the experts.

To prioritize the articles over all other expert tasks, you can require that the expert confirms they've read the article before answering any more questions. Just check the "Require Acknowledgement" checkbox before sending the message.


Experts can review all of your published articles from the new Expert Hub. Experts can reference existing information and stay up to date with current company events. Your featured articles will get prominent placement on the front page.


With the new Expert Hub, timely updates and reminders make it to Experts and help them provide the customer service experience that your company values.