Feature Spotlight: Language Skills Tests & Routing

Posted by Jeff Patterson

Directly’s language skills tests and language-based routing provide the one-two punch of global on-demand customer support.

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1. Language Skills Tests

These tests are great for ensuring your experts have high proficiency in English or any of the 90 other languages supported. When your expert users apply to provide on-demand customer service, they have an option to become certified in any of the languages you'd like to support. 

Language Test Directly

The language tests are progressive -- the better you do, the shorter they are -- so you keep top performers engaged during the application cycle.


2. Language-based Routing

After users pass a test and are accepted as experts, Directly’s language-based routing engine automatically matches customer question in those language with experts who speak them. The result is on-demand native language support that can scale fast globally and meet customers' expectations of getting info in their own language.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.00.30 PM

Interested in a language you don't see in this article? Give me a shout at jeff@directly.com and I'll let you know how we support it!