New Feature: Enable New Kinds of Help with 1:1 Expert Conversations

Posted by Stephen Hsu

Directly now enables secure, private, 1-to-1 conversations between certified experts and customers to resolve complex inquiries that may require account and transaction information such as order history. 

This opens up a new and critical dimension of customer care to your experts. Experts can now enter private conversations with customers to solve complex issues and can provide their special kind of high-quality care to more customers.

New Kinds of Customer Care with 1-to-1 Conversations

Directly helps companies like Pinterest and Republic Wireless scale great support by routing customer questions to their networks of expert users. The experts know and love their products already and earn rewards for quickly resolving questions.

To date, most of the customer care questions have been "how-to" questions where experienced experts can help with no additional information. However, there are additional types of questions that require more information to resolve. Directly's Certified Experts feature unlocks these types by enabling companies to create certification tests, upload legal documents, and embed custom apps that allow experts to access information and simple tools.

The certified experts feature lets customer send yet another large swath of case volume  to their expert users, who already know and love their product and who earn rewards for solving questions. The one thing they started requesting right away though, is the ability for their certified experts to engage with their customers in private, 1-to-1 conversations for those cases - like a password reset -- where a collaborate effort doesn't make sense.

With the launch of 1-to-1 conversations, companies can now designate helpdesk ticket categories to route to certified experts for 1-to-1 interactions only. These certified experts can claim these questions as 1-to-1 conversations and access embedded apps that allow them to reset passwords, update account information, and more.

bikestore01With 1-to-1, certified experts can offer even more, high-quality care to the customers they’re helping. It also takes a huge load off the customer care agents who would rather be solving more complex cases than simple actions like resetting passwords. 

Secure and Streamlined for Faster Resolution

If a certified expert wishes to help a customer 1-to-1, she has the option to claim the question to start the 1-to-1 conversation, after which any file attachments or embedded tools reveal themselves. She can then engage in a private conversation with the customer to learn what the issue is and resolve it with expediency. Other certified experts won’t be able to see or enter the conversation.


One of our customers built an app in Zendesk to do a simple password reset with a click of a button. Their agents end up clicking this button dozens of times a day. With 1-to-1 conversations, certified experts can verify a customer’s account information and click that button for them, saving the company thousands of dollars in the process. Needless to say, our customer is very excited.

Once the certified expert is engaged in a 1-to-1 conversation, she has a time window within which she needs to respond. Otherwise, the question is released to other certified experts to help. This ensures fast response times and higher levels of engagement between expert and customer.

Since the certified expert is engaged in a deeper way than ever before, CSAT goes up and response time goes down. The customer wins, the expert wins, and the company wins.