Pinterest Sees a Direct Lift with Directly [Press]

Posted by Directly

Senior News Editor Leonard Klie at CRM magazine featured Pinterest and Directly in the journal's May print and online issues. It's a great piece. Here's an excerpt:

Pinterest has been working with Directly since November 2014. Before the site installed Directly, nearly half of all tickets submitted to the Help Center received automated responses. “We were drowning in tickets, and we were desperate,” Armato recalls.

“Directly was super-easy to set up, and within about a week we were up and running with it,” she adds. “It has performed so well that we’ve stuck with it.”

In fact, the Directly platform has far exceeded Pinterest’s expectations. When the site first launched Directly, it was expecting experts to respond to ticket requests within about eight hours. The average response time is seven minutes.

That has led customer satisfaction ratings for the support pages to triple. The auto-responder wasn’t very accurate or helpful, and so customer satisfaction was less than 30 percent. Today, it’s between 85 percent and 90 percent.

Catch the full article on destinationCRM.