Directly Raises $10 Million in Funding

Posted by Antony Brydon

Customer service goes on-demand at Udemy & Republic Wireless with apps from Directly, backed by a $10 Million series a funding.

Today was a fun day to be part of a startup team. We took the wraps off our on-demand customer service apps at the on-demand conference and showed the crowd how our customers Pinterest, Udemy and Republic Wireless are using the apps to scale their customer support and improve the customer experience.

We’ve been lucky to start with a group of customers that put a premium on the customer experience and embrace new delivery models. For a generation, fixed models for customer service have forced companies to trade customer experience for cost efficiency. By working with Pinterest, Udemy and Republic Wireless, we've had the luxury of working with companies that understand that on-demand models can deliver an incredible experience for everyone -- without the conventional tradeoffs:

Customers are getting answers in an average of 3.4 minutes with average customer satisfaction levels over 92%

Experts are earning an average of $150 per week (the best experts are earning over $1,500 per week) while choosing when and where they work

Companies are using their expert users to solve up to 35% of their support tickets at higher satisfaction levels and 2-3x savings

Today is also special because we announced $10 million in funding led by Costanoa Venture Capital and True Ventures, with a broad set of our seed investors also participating. Beyond the funding, we are enthusiastic because Costanoa founder Greg Sands and True co-founder Phil Black have invested in this space since the late 1990s. They understand the limitations of the current technology and business models and share our vision for how on-demand models will transform the enterprise, starting with customer service.

We’ve been lean and quiet for a long time and we’re eager to start making some noise. What Ronald Coase predicted in 1930 is happening now – finally, suddenly and at breakneck speed. The world and workforce is going on-demand. We’re excited to help individuals and companies survive and thrive in transformational times.