Surviving a Customer Support Spike

Posted by Directly Marketing

In this video we learn about different approaches of navigating surges in customer support tickets.

Jonathan Keene, Director of Customer Service, and Sean Rivers, Director of Operations Technology, at Republic Wireless are on the hot seat when support traffic spikes. They share their perspectives around how to manage unexpected spikes, addressing the following issues:

  • Ways they’ve handled unexpected spikes.
  • How they detect the onset of a spike.
  • How they keep customers happy during a spike.
  • How they keep their team happy during a spike.
  • The upside to unexpected spikes.

While everyone agrees that the best way to prepare for spikes in customer inquiries is to anticipate them, it’s not always possible to predict when these surges will happen. This episode of 5QCX has actionable takeaways for delivering best-in-class support during a surge in customer service tickets.

View the 2-minute highlight video here: