Introducing Advanced Rerouting

Posted by Puppet Mills

Sometimes a ticket can’t be solved by experts and needs attention from the company. Here at Directly, we think of this action as simply rerouting the ticket to the correct place for the customer to get the best answer. First we route tickets to the best experts, then it either gets solved or rerouted to the company for additional attention.

Now we are making this rerouting more a more seamless experience for the customers. My colleague Puppet Mills gives a short demo in this video.

When an expert encounters a question that clearly needs to be handled by the company -- like a question that involves billing, for instance -- that expert can reroute it more easily without providing additional information.

  1. Click “Reroute to <company>”
  2. Submit a reason the ticket needs to be rerouted
  3. Move on to the next question

When the expert does this, other experts will have a short period of time to either agree with that it requires company attention or to provide an answer to stop it from rerouting.

3steps_clearThis happens behind the scenes. If experts reroute tickets to the company, the customer’s only interaction is with the company; they don’t get experience the expert community involvement at all.

Of course, experts always are welcome to provide additional information to a customer before rerouting a ticket if they think it’s helpful; the end goal is to create a better experience.