AI vs. On Demand Customer Service

Posted by Directly Marketing

Artificial intelligence and on-demand platforms are the emerging rock star technologies in customer service. But which one will deliver on its promise first?

At a recent panel discussion, customer service innovators Andy Yasutake, senior director of global technology at LinkedIn, and Sean Rivers, director of operations technology at Republic Wireless joined tech founders Jeff Erhardt, CEO of, and Antony Brydon, CEO of Directly to debate the topic. 

Here are some of the top takeaways from discussion: 

  • Using AI chatbots as the conversational interface with customer is a mixed proposition. Chatbots can be good to help people find what they want in a help center when a company has a lot of data, but's its important not to pretend they are real people

  • When customers want to connect with real people, tapping into a on-demand network of experienced customers and partners "experts" can be a scalable way to provide high-quality experience to people with "low hanging fruit" questions

  • Using AI to recommend the right answers to human experts and agents improves their efficiency

  • If you don’t try things, you’re not going to know how they work when they do deliver.

View the 4 minute highlights video here: 

Or the full hour-plus discussion here: