Customer Service Then vs Now

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The Trend You Shouldn't Miss is Featured in KPCB & Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends Report!

For 20 years, Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends report has been the most respected annual appraisal of the technology industry. Yesterday, Meeker presented the 2015 report, and Directly is honored to be featured as the example of how customer service has evolved in the mobile, on-demand era.

2015 Internet Trends Report Slide 38

“Consumers increasingly expect that they can get what they want when they want it. … This fundamentally changes the underpinnings of business,” Meeker said, while presenting the report at the Code Conference yesterday.

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We agree. Customers who expect a car delivered by a personable driver in 5 minutes aren't going to suffer through scripted customer service prattle and hours delay when they have a question, so it makes sense that customer service is one of the first business processes to move to an on-demand model.

Not only has consumption changed, but the very nature of work has changed. Millennials now comprise the largest segment of the workforce, and they prefer flexible gigs, Meeker said.

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Directly's on-demand customer service apps let companies tap their expert users to address customer questions, person-to-person and on demand. The experts earn rewards for resolving questions when they want. In survey after survey, the experts say they most appreciate 1) helping others, 2) supporting the brands they love (like Pinterest and Republic Wireless), and 3) owning their schedule due to the complete flexibility of being an on-demand expert.

The on-demand economy is just one topic in Meeker's report, and if you haven't flipped through all 197 slides, you still have 364 days to do so before the next one comes out.

2015 Internet Trends Repot from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers