How OfferUp Customer Service Balances Simplicity, Trust & Scale

Posted by Directly Marketing

At a fireside chat in Seattle, Jerry Howe, VP of customer experience at OfferUp, and Antony Brydon, CEO of Directly, discussed how to balance simplicity, trust and scale by using on-demand customer service.

View the 2-minute highlight video here: 


Here are some highlights from the discussion: 

  • OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace in the United States with 14 billion dollars of transactions and bursting-at-the-seams growth. 

  • Directly delivers an on-demand customer service platform that lets OfferUp use its most skilled and experienced community members to help scale support, and deliver better, more personal customer service.

  • In customer service, rather than talking about deflection and contact avoidance, OfferUp is flipping the norm on its head and encouraging more contacts and more engagement. To do that, the company enables its customers to come together to support the product in a structured way with on-demand customer service.