Ovum Webinar: The Journey to 85% Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Ovum

Analyst Webinar Coming Up December 4th

The ground beneath customer support is trembling. While specific timelines vary, leading enterprises plan to resolve about 85% of their customer support inquiries with AI in about 3 years. 

This webinar seeks to provide an overview of the AI market in terms of customer expectations, anticipated investments, as well as how enterprises can successfully leverage this emerging category to improve their interactions with customers.  

Join us Tuesday, December 4th at 11amPT to hear Ovum Principal Analyst Mila D'Antonio and Directly CEO Antony Brydon discuss:

-- The business challenges of improving customer experience and operations resiliency

-- The AI investments enterprises are making to meet those challenges

-- How expert-trained AI will enable organizations to achieve a future-proof foundation for AI