New Feature: Universal Helpdesk Connector

Posted by Puppet Mills

A key measure of a good product is the flexibility it provides to its users. Directly’s mission is to power the on-demand workforce for a wide range of business applications in a seamless way. To that end, we released a new feature that we call Directly’s universal helpdesk connector. It lets Directly integrate with any customer service platform to enable companies’ expert users to resolve customer service questions on demand.

A bridge to the on-demand workforce

The universal help-desk connector opens a new bridge to any API-enabled helpdesk platform in the market today (or in the future), including legacy or tailor-made platforms typically used by very large enterprises. Prior to releasing the connector, Directly’s functionality was available only to companies using leading commercial platforms like Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk and

Universal Helpdesk connector

The connector lets companies route helpdesk tickets to their expert users via the Directly platform and have all conversations automatically tracked in the helpdesk tickets. Directly’s intelligent routing system and smart apps help companies transform their expert user community into a secret weapon for reducing support response time and pushing customer satisfaction to new heights.

4 minute response, 93 percent satisfaction, half the cost

With our powerful, under-the-hood integration we now lets large companies benefit from the same nimbleness that companies who already use Directly do.

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